When we all work together in some small way,  we can create a strong, united and healthy community for our collective  future.

There were costs involved in creating this organization and at times we may need the expertise of a lawyer, engineer or hydrogeologist.

Donations are necessary and greatly appreciated as well.

Please send us your name, address, telephone,  and email address with your donation and these will be entered as your contact details unless you specify otherwise.

Cheques can be mailed or dropped off at the CONTACT address OR deposited through the Bank of Montreal transit #0301 account  #8979-820.

We welcome anyone who would like to help with CCAT events and to help deliver newsletters when necessary.


 THE  CCAT FUN DAY FUNDRAISER on Sunday March 13, 2016,  was a great success.

It could not have been so successful without the tireless effort of all of our volunteers.

Thanks also to the local businesses and talents who shared their bounty.    Please watch for future celebrations.


SHOES FOR  HAITI—-under the charity “Respect Haiti”

Thank you to all those who donated shoes and money for this very worthwhile cause.

Watch for the photo updates of Haiti.



CCAT Inc.  formally objected to the inane decisions made by our municipal council and the County of Simcoe regarding the zone change from protected aggregate to industrial aggregate at the proposed pit site in Everett for many reasons. For more information and to view our video go to www.nogravelpit.com.

The pre hearing was held with about 200 opposing citizens present.     Five groups were given party status (call and interview witnesses/make final summations).   They were Somerville Nurseries,  Humane Society,  Breedon Maple Syrup,  Beausoleil First Nation and Concerned Citizens in Adjala/Tosorontio Inc.(CCAT).     Approximately,  170 participants are also permitted to speak at the OMB hearing.  The next pre hearing will be held January 17, 2017.    Please make note of this date.

We need a good lawyer to represent the wishes of our community as well as expert witnesses. This requires money.  Please read how our community will be affected by this proposed pit and be generous . Go to the Contact Page, and thank you.